About us

Foodbiz Asia aims to serve as the effective leader in building communication and connection opportunities both vertically and horizontally for businesses in the global food supply industry, especially those who intend to capture market share in the fast-growing Asian F&B sector.

The editorial content covers varying levels of the food product chain, offering news encompassing all critical processes, from the farm to the fork. All this and more, wrapped up with reviews of latest trade shows and related events as well as expert views and interviews impacting the industry: Foodbiz Asia’s mission extends towards serving the interests of the wider community of consumers across Asia, engaging and supporting industry players who adopt respectful practices and social responsibility in their business culture.

At Foodbiz Asia, we believe we can only serve well, accomplishing our mission and justifying our purpose, by staying in partnership with the industry from all ends and corners; and just as no one consumer is too little to consume, no legitimate business is too small to be served. After all, big or small, it is in sowing together that we may reap together.