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Ajinomoto enters India’s powdered drinks market

01:55 SGT September 12, 2017
Although the market for 3-in-1-type powdered drinks is not yet significant, it will grow

The sale of Blendy 3 in 1 powdered drink (coffee and masala chai) in southern India in mid- August marked Ajinomoto Co’s first roll-out outside Japan.

Ajinomoto Co acquired all trademarks for Blendy and other products that had been licensed to Ajinomoto General Foods, Inc from a group company of Jacobs Douwe Egberts in 2016. Although coffee and tea are consumed often in India, they are traditionally prepared at home. The practice involves using instant coffee or brewing tea from tea leaves, adding hot milk and sugar in both cases.

The population of India is huge and there is a consumer demand for a simpler and easier way to enjoy delicious coffee or tea, although the market for 3-in-1-type powdered drinks is not yet significant.

With Blendy 3 in 1, Ajinomoto aims to set up a powdered drinks market and gain the top share. Besides supermarkets, the company also intends to retail the powdered drink through local neighbourhood retail outlets called kirana stores. Starting with Tamil Nadu in the south, Ajinomoto plans to expand its business to other states soon.