CAIF extends ingredients portfolio via new alliance

15:56 SGT December 12, 2017
The collaboration represents a strategic move to supply a greater variety of high-quality food ingredients

Concentrated Active Ingredients & Flavors (CAIF), a company that sources botanical extracts and fruit and vegetable powders from Latin America, has now increased its offerings by partnering with Duas Rodas, a major manufacturer of flavours, botanical extracts, and fruit and vegetable powders.

The partnership is part of the company’s plans to expand and become an important player in the F&B and food supplements industries in the Americas, Asia and Europe. This collaboration also represents a strategic move for both companies, making possible the supply of a greater variety of high-quality food ingredients.

CAIF works in the distribution and commercialization of raw materials for the dietary supplement, beverage, functional food and sports nutrition industries in countries including Brazil, the US, Germany, Canada, France, South Korea and the UK.

“We are focused on the task of increasing the promotion of these ingredients from Brazil and Latin America to help local companies to increase their representation abroad. Our role is to act as an entry portal for safe access to the different ingredients, and be a trustworthy link between producers and consumers throughout the world,” said Cesar Fernandes, CAIF’s CEO.

“We offer Brazilian classic ingredients, such as acerola, açaí, mate and guarana, as well as a variety of innovating products such as cherry coffee pulp (cascara) and more complex technological solutions including flavour modulators, and sugar and sodium reducers that are seeing increased market demand,” said Fernandes.

“For the next few years, CAIF’s main efforts will concentrate on the flavours market,” he added.

“The plan is to expand the supply of raw materials to further strengthen our leadership as providers of new raw materials from the continent.”