Chinese fruit retailer signs deal for fruit preserving technology

13:52 SGT October 19, 2017
China fruit retailer Pagoda has inked a deal with US-based AgroFresh to supply the fruit retailer with AgroFresh technologies to preserve fruits.

Pagoda is reputedly the largest chain retailer of fruits in China, but it also has plantations, technologies and R&D centres.

Pagoda chairman Yu Huiyong and AgroFresh CEO Jordi Ferre also agreed to jointly set up an after-harvest processing centre for fruits in China. Both parties will invest in the project and devote efforts to researching the difficulties of processing fruit after harvest.

This initiative will help reduce damage done to fruits during the transportation and storing periods — guaranteeing freshness and quality of the fruits, and increasing their market value.

Philadelphia-based AgroFresh is the sole owner of the patent for SmartFresh, a smart quality system that preserves fruits using 1-MCP (1-methylcyclopropene). SmartFresh mainly helps vegetables and fruits that are easily damaged during long transportation or storage periods, keeping away the natural plant hormone ethylene from internal and external sources which usually would cause fruit to ripen faster, and thus prolonging freshness and good quality. The technology can also maintain the thickness, veins and appearance of fruits during transportation and storage.

Pagoda said SmartFresh is currently the most effective technology available to keep fruits fresh. It is widely used in developed countries to preserve fruits, vegetables and plants or flowers.

SmartFresh only recently received the permission of the Chinese agricultural industry’s examination office to register in China.

AgroFresh is confident that the agreement with Pagoda will enhance its R&D on processing after harvesting fruit. Furthermore, both partners can solidify their respective R&D in fruit preservation technologies, thus creating a ‘win-win’ situation for both companies share the profits from the market.