Corporate social responsibility

Inclusive not Exclusive

At Foodbiz Asia, our passion goes beyond industry norms. We are here to serve the industry that serves consumers without limiting to any exclusivity, respecting that every individual has the right to consume regardless of their origin. Whilst the extravagance of the elite can be appreciated, the provision of quality food to the wider community of consumers is a mission that shall not be compromised.

Safe & Healthy

Foodbiz Asia believes in the distribution of hygienic, safe and healthy food and in supporting socially responsible industry players in their efforts to provide and serve consumers with integrity and respect. Much as Foodbiz Asia might highlight on industry best practices, we will not ignore unsafe or dangerous practices that tarnish the industry’s image or risk the well-being of consumers at large. Alerts on the effects of calamities and epidemics that affect industry and consumers’ welfare are also part of our scope.

Respecting Preservation

Excessive consumption and wastage have become almost daily news and Foodbiz Asia is keen to support industry players who make it their moral obligation to curb damage to the environment, and the wastage of energy and natural resources — from forestry to water consumption and even to the unfinished meatloaf on the dish. We stay in partnership with industry players who are committed stewards of sustainability and natural resources.

In Partnership

At Foodbiz Asia, we believe we can only serve well, accomplishing our mission and justifying our purpose, by staying in partnership with the industry from all ends and corners; and just as no one consumer is too little to consume, no legitimate business is too small to be served. After all, big or small, it is in sowing together that we may reap together. Our success is dependent on the success we bring to those we serve.

Social Responsibility

Our goal is to serve the needs and well-being of humanity without excluding the under-privileged, especially where food and water is scarce. Foodbiz Asia supports initiatives and recognises non-profiteering organisations who champion against improper waste disposal and wastage of natural resources, and who actively support the less fortunate.