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Ingredion unveils multifunctional tapioca flours

16:40 SGT October 16, 2017
Food scientists at Ingredion Incorporated’s global Idea Labs network of innovation centres have launched Homecraft Create multifunctional tapioca flours.

According to the company, the new range of ingredients “emerges as a milestone” in more than two decades of research dedicated to understanding the role tapioca can play in clean-label applications.

Homecraft Create multifunctional tapioca flours couple a clean ‘tapioca flour’ label with the functionality of a modified starch. The full range of flours is adapted to suit a variety of production processes, offering tolerance and stability advantages while helping manufacturers achieve indulgent dairy products and smooth sauces, puddings and custards.

The flours, which will be introduced in phases globally, provide flavour release and enhanced, creamy textures that allow food manufacturers to reduce fat content and improve nutrition profiles. At the same time, the range of ingredients delivers higher viscosity than clean-label starches in some applications, offering opportunities for cost savings.

“Tapioca is a versatile ingredient, suitable for formulations from yoghurts to soups and cooking sauces,” said Chong Hui Cheng, Ingredion’s marketing manager, APAC.

“Tapioca is a familiar and staple food ingredient in Asia-Pacific. Our proprietary research shows that two out of three consumers in the region accept tapioca flour as a food ingredient.”

Manufacturers frequently enquire about functional ingredients that meet consumer’s clean-label expectations, added Angelina De Castro, Ingredion’s senior marketing manager, North America.

She explained: “In the US and Canada, consumer research shows that tapioca flour consistently ranks very high in ‘natural’ perception and acceptability. With our new Homecraft Create multifunctional tapioca flours, food developers now have the ability to use a widely accepted texturizer that offers breakthrough functionality and helps to create a superior eating experience.”