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Lighting destroys nutrients of dairy on display shelves, says lighting expert

14:02 SGT January 9, 2019
Noluma reveals milk and other dairy products loses 50% of nutrients after only 16 hours of retail lighting exposure. (Picture: Pixabay)

Noluma International, a provider of light protection technology, has released evidence highlighting the rapid degradation of nutrients in dairy products as a result of light exposure. The US-based company analysed existing third-party studies, commissioned research and new lab testing to compile a comprehensive report on light degradation of consumer products.

“We’ve known for generations that light has a negative impact on food. Similar to how clothing fades in the sun, or skin is burnt, our report shows that a variety of packaged goods are negatively impacted by exposure to lighting of all kinds, and far more rapidly than the average consumer realises,” said Noluma president and CEO Divya Chopra. “Today, consumers expect more from retailers and brands, and assume their favourite products will stay fresh and contain the nutrients promised on the label, through the expiration date.”

In the report, called Packaged Foods Should Be Kept in the Dark: Consumers Shouldn’t Be,findings reveal that damage to nutritional values comes from all light, including common retail and refrigerator lighting. The research also states that rapid loss of key nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin D and riboflavin in dairy reach up to 51% in some cases.

Noluma said this just proves that light of any kind degrades a product’s freshness, nutrition and stability, leading to faster spoiling. It shows that milk can taste or smell worse after just 15 minutes of light exposure.

Copra offers consumer packaged goods (CPGs) manufacturers an opportunity to work with Noluma to “understand how light is compromising their products and find solutions to ensure they’re delivering on those promises”.