More consumers trust food products with Aussie-made branding

10:32 SGT October 17, 2017
The digital age has brought about a wave of consumer distrust, and a research firm said one of the major sources of brand trust in Australia lies in a consumer’s national identity.

Mintel discovered that as many as seven in 10 (72%) metro Australians make the effort to buy food or drink products with an Australian Made/Grown logo, while 17% always make it a point to do the same.

Among the urban Australians who purchase products with the Australian Made/Grown logo, three in 10 (29%) do so because the logo helps to instil trust in the product/brand, while one in four (25%) believe that it builds the authenticity of a product.

Also, 28% of urban Australians said that the Australian Made/Grown logo assures them of the health or safety level of food or drink products. The recent changes made to the Australian Made/Grown logo also appear to have had a positive effect on Australian consumers, with six in 10 urban Australians agreeing that the new percentage bar tells them clearly the proportion of ingredients in the product that are either local or imported.

“Deteriorating faith in institutions of government, businesses, nongovernmental organizations and the media has created doubt and confusion among many, weakening consumer trust worldwide. On top of that, the sheer number of safety scares that have been reported is enough to spur people to put more thought and care into what they are consuming,” said Shelley McMillan, consultant, Trend & Innovation, ANZ, at Mintel. “Our research indicates that local products or services that come with the Australian Made/ Grown logo are likely to resonate well with Australian consumers, especially those featuring the newly revamped logo which now provides an overall heightened understanding of the provenance of a product.”