New certification for ‘Made in Italy’ products

03:35 SGT July 13, 2017
Reliabitaly is a certification to protect the real ‘Made in Italy’ products

Developed by an Italian non-profit organization with the aim to promote and protect ‘Made in Italy’ products, Reliabitaly is an interactive marking that allows the shopper to independently and easily check if a product has been verified by its association and determine therefore if it is genuinely ‘Made in Italy’.

For each product, Reliabitaly verifies the production processes, the involved business establishments, as well as the supply chain and the origin of the materials used, to make sure the production has taken place in Italy, before it is marked ‘Made in Italy’. Reliabitaly also operates globally across various product categories to ensure that the products comply with pre-set quality standards.

The Reliabitaly verification system is designed to analyse not only the raw materials and their origin but also intangible values that represent the real essence and the true meaning of the ‘Made in Italy’ mark.

First of its kind, Reliabitaly is a certification system that includes values such as the beauty of the product, design, reliability, ability to innovate, tradition, history, profile, the goals of its company, the company’s staff, and so on. All these values are not less important than others and they tangibly contribute to what Italians like to call ‘quality’.