Re-sealable frozen food packaging to the rescue

09:11 SGT September 12, 2017
Tesco sells frozen pomegranate, beetroot, watermelon and coconut in re-sealable packs

In a bid to tackle food wastage at home, UK supermarket chain Tesco launched a line of frozen fruits and vegetables including pomegranate, beetroot and watermelon early this year.

All the new frozen products are sold in re-sealable packs. The beetroot and coconut come diced, while the watermelon is in chunks and the pomegranate seeded. It will be followed by the launch of the UK’s first peeled and halved frozen avocados at Tesco by mid next year.

Pomegranate seeds have become popular in salads and tagines, coconuts are being used as a substitute for sugar in Asian cooking, beetroot is featuring in salads, smoothies and even cakes, and watermelon appears in smoothies and salads.

Nutritious and hassle-free, this new range of frozen fruits is becoming increasingly popular with shoppers, who are looking for simple ways to eat a wide range of fruits, without the preparation time associated with fresh varieties.”

The launch also ties in with Tesco’s commitment to help halve food waste by 2025, and the range was welcomed by Dr Richard Swannell, director of WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme). “This could really help consumers reduce edible household food waste as they can simply defrost and use as and when required,” he said.