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Robotic bread maker can help boost retail bakery sales

14:00 SGT January 9, 2019
Most food providers — including grocery stores, convenience stores, schools, the military and more — can benefit from the compact 22sqf BreadBot, said its manufacturer.

The BreadBot, a fully automated bread making machine unveils this month at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019) in Las Vegas, USA.

Its manufacturer, the Wilkinson Baking Company, is highlighting to show visitors the BreadBot’s capabilities of producing artisan-style bread from flour to loaf automatically. The company explains that the BreadBot “harnesses the marvels of modern technology to take us back to the old world with its artisan bread that is tasty and nutritious”.

Compared to supermarket bread, the BreadBot produces loaves that are “fresher, healthier, preservative-free and eco-friendly”. The BreadBot mixes, forms, proofs, bakes and cools 10 loaves of bread per hour — all on its own, and is capable of making most varieties of bread that require dry ingredients, including white, wheat, whole wheat, nine grain, sourdough and honey oat. The bread can even be organic, if preferred, the company said.

“Bread is a staple of American life. But in most supermarkets today, it has lost its emotional connection with the shopper,” said Randall Wilkinson, CEO of The Wilkinson Baking Company. “In the age of home delivery, the BreadBot attracts consumers back to the store because it delivers fresh, delicious bread that is produced with theatre and engagement. We’re so excited to bring CES back to basics with the BreadBot this year and to demonstrate how we have increased a retailers’ bread sales by more than 30% while decreasing the environmental impact.”

Retailers using the BreadBot can benefit from a potential 20-fold lift in bottom-line profit margins through the elimination of the costly current bread distribution process, as well benefiting from increased consumer interest and maximised employee productivity, Wilkinson maintained. Grocers can get a head start on their daily production demands by scheduling the BreadBot to start baking hours before they open. And, as nearly half of topline revenue of a commercial baker is spent on the process of transport from factory oven to store shelf and related out-of-date product waste, the BreadBot is disrupting commercial baking and helping the environment through the elimination of bricks-and-mortar facilities and distribution overhead.