Top three food fads driving global food economies

14:05 SGT November 2, 2017
2017 witnessed a large number of fitness enthusiasts going for the protein-rich food fad.

Three food fads will transform 2018’s food economy, said research firm Technavio. These are: Protein-rich food replacement drinks; low-carb snacks; and hybrid and fermented food.

Technavio said 2017 witnessed a large number of fitness enthusiasts going for the protein-rich food fad, and as the population gets educated about the importance of protein for their overall well-being, it is expected that protein-rich food replacement drinks will become a norm.

On the other hand, low-carb snacks will gain more popularity as dieticians and food experts are constantly working on coming up with healthier snacking options. Technavio said foods such as roasted nuts, sautéed vegetables and sweet potato snacks have gained a lot of popularity as they are not only delicious and filling, but also low on unhealthy carbs. Several major names in the food industry have launched interesting and healthy snacking options which are sure to be the next big fad in 2018, it added.

Also, hybrid and fermented food are catching consumers’ attention as celebrities started promoting them in their interviews, resulting in a growing leaning towards probiotic foods.

Excellent in boosting energy and improving the functioning of the digestive system, fermented foods are sure to stay in the grocery lists of several households in the coming years, Technavio explained.

Similarly, the interest in hybrid food is another major development that has revealed itself in recent times, the firm said. Rather than sticking to the common, mundane food habits — people are now more likely to experiment and more open to trying out food items from other parts of the world. Moreover, the fact that globalization and increased purchasing power has made it rather easy to buy exotic food items has also boosted the demand for such hybrid food items, Technavio concluded.