Two SG food companies bagged innovation awards

14:02 SGT November 2, 2017
Neo Group won the award for having harnessed technological advancements to develop innovative solutions to meet evolving consumer and business needs.

Two local food companies have won this year’s Business Excellence (BE) Awards in Singapore for the first time. Neo Group (Catering) and Select Group have both received Quality Awards for having attained superior performance and demonstrated commitment in harnessing innovation, developing people and delivering excellent service.

“The assurance of quality that BE provides of a business’ products and services, as well as soundness of its management practices are important for Singapore companies looking to seize growth opportunities locally and overseas,” said Poon Hong Yuen, chief executive, SPRING Singapore. “Organizations should leverage the BE initiative to fine-tune their management systems and develop capabilities to be better positioned to scale, grow and compete.”

The BE Awards are conferred by the Singapore Quality Award (SQA) Governing Council and administered by SPRING Singapore, an agency under the republic’s Ministry of Trade and Industry responsible for helping Singapore enterprises grow. The BE framework was streamlined last year to keep pace with evolving management and technological trends. Organizations have to pursue the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) as a foundation before deepening niche capabilities in Innovation, People and Service.

The refreshed framework serves to maintain its relevance and value as a holistic tool for organizations of different growth stages to establish strong business fundamentals and capitalize on new opportunities. The SQC certification is also an endorsement of a company’s robust management capabilities and commitment to delivering value to its stakeholders.

“In the face of a fast-changing global economic landscape, business excellence has become more crucial for organizations now than before,” said Professor Cham Tao Soon, chairman, SQA Governing Council. “To help them navigate through these changes, the independent validation process that organizations go through using the BE framework provides them with an external perspective — enabling them to assess where they stand in relation to their local and overseas counterparts, and identify the gaps that need to be filled in order to achieve sustainable growth.”

Neo Group won the award for having harnessed technological advancements to develop innovative solutions to meet evolving consumer and business needs. It introduced several automation initiatives over the past five years which allowed the company to mitigate manpower challenges faced in the foodservice industry and improve productivity while ensuring consistent food quality.

On the other hand, Select Group’s clear market segmentation strategy enabled the company to target and provide personalized experiences to its customers. For example, Peach Garden is its brand for high-networth clients’ due to its ability to accord bespoke services and excellent customer service, driven by innovation in cuisine repertoire and service delivery. Select also reaches a broad spectrum of customers with its diverse food offerings. It has more than 160 outlets across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.