Watch: Barry Callebaut’s chocolate-tasting ritual explained

08:05 SGT December 13, 2018
In her book, Hidden Persuaders in Cocoa and Chocolate: A Flavour Lexicon for Cocoa and Chocolate Sensory Professionals, Januszewska provides an overview of the tastes, aromas and notes describing cocoa and chocolate. In addition to exploring tastes, aromas and notes, the book broadens the language for describing chocolate by relating tasting experiences to the process of pairing flavours.

Attention chocolate professionals! Let your five senses — sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste — lead the way to a memorable chocolate experience, said global chocolate producer Barry Callebaut, which held a ‘Chocolate Tasting Ritual’ in Singapore recently.

Led by sensory expert and book author Renata Januszewska, who is manager at Global R&D Sensory Methodologies of Barry Callebaut, the Chocolate Tasting Ritual fully engaged all the five senses enabling chocolate professionals and consumers alike to discover new dimensions of the chocolate experience and elevate the chocolate enjoyment to the next level.

At the session, guests had the opportunity to know the flavour of different chocolates and learn the sensory language to describe their taste experience. These guests, including FoodBiz Asia’s Millette Manalo-Burgos,were also one of the first in Singapore to savour the newly-discovered ruby chocolate, which is the fourth type of chocolate after milk, dark and white, according to Barry Callebaut.

Prior to the session, FoodBiz Asiamanaged to sit down with Januszewska, who explained more details about the chocolate tasting ritual, and how pastry chefs and other food professionals can make use of the knowledge gleaned from the ritual to enhance their own chocolate creations.